Our sauna: new energy for body and mind

Feel good mode and relaxation included ...

Are you looking for an oasis to relax and enjoy long and eventful days? You've come to the right address: our guests are offered a modern sauna. By spending quality time in the modern and cosy rooms you can give your mind and body a treat!

More than 2000 years ago the Finnish people acknowledged the healthy benefits of a visit to the sauna.  The specific way of sweating purges the body, stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Due to the high temperatures, your metabolism is also boosted in a natural way, which will prevent you from having sores muscles after active holidays. 

Sauna and steam bath: this is how sweating makes you healthy

The Finnish sauna has temperaturs between 80 and 130°C,  the heat in the more gentle steam bath is approx. 50°C. Before you will sit down and let the sweating begin, you are kindly requested to shower and dry yourself off.  The first sauna session lasts approx, 8 - 12 minutes, the next session can be extended to 15 minutes. Sauna lovers sometimes go for a third session.

Then it's time to cool off: you can go outside into the cooler air or you might prefer our cold water shower instead. By taking a warm foot bath, your blood veins will widen and the transport of heat from the inside of the body to the skin surface will be stimulated. Even after a cold shower there's quite a lot of stored heat within the body, Afterwards you can take your time and relax on one of our loungers!

During a thorough sauna session, you will loose a lot of liquid, due to the heat and healthy transpiration. We advise you to postpone drinking after your last sauna session has come to an end. In this way the detoxification of your body will be more effective. 

In order to prevent the body from dehydrating, you are welcome to our sauna bar where you can have a tea or mineral water. In this way your sauna session will have a relaxing ending and, should you have a headache, a mineral water or tea will help. 

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Advantages when booking directly
  • Milk and cheese products from our own production
  • Homemade jam
  • Free access to the dairy with show farm